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Re: Time to say...... Goodbye?

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2024 8:40 pm
by rickmcinnis
I have not not looked in here for many months and just saw the potential demise of what was at one time the the most exciitng audio forum of all and that was due to the tireless efforts of nigel2000. Not to slight the others but Nigel was DEDICATED!

I hope Nigel is doing OK and would want him to know how much I and I am sure hundreds of other DIYers enjoyed his explorations and reports from the audio horizons.

Please pass on my thanks and good wishes. I feel sure all of you stay in contact with each other. That was the other thing - to be able to peer into this close knit audio/music loving society. I was always jealous there was NOTHING like this where I live in the US.