RIP Mark Lanegan

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RIP Mark Lanegan

Post by Sligolad »

The great survivor finally passed today at his home in Killarney.
I had come late to his music but what a voice and lyrics....and a life lived. ... g-of-covid
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Re: RIP Mark Lanegan

Post by Derek »

Yet another sad day. R.I.P. Mark
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Re: RIP Mark Lanegan

Post by Ivor »

Very sad, like yourself Pierce I came late to him but grew to really like him particularly his collaborations.

the last thing I heard him on was a re-recording of MOBY's album... Kris Kristofferson and Mark shared the vocals.... It really struck me.. :(

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Re: RIP Mark Lanegan

Post by peelaaa »

That moby track is outstanding. Have it on vinyl.
Other album worth a listen is this.

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