coffee setup for sale

For everything else..... try not to spill your drinks OK?
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coffee setup for sale

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I'll leave this here rather than Classifieds!

Selling my coffee setup – only because I’ve replaced it (nothing fancy – a Sage semi automatic) Not actual photos are I haven't the space or time right now!
All of these need a cosmetic cleaning but will get it before sale - and the SMEG could do with a ‘flush’ but works 100% every time

SMEG coffee/espresso maker.
A few years old but only moderate daily use by myself - these are €340+ new, happy with €150, Red seems hard to get these days. White and black ones look awful IMO. High wife approval!
coffee machine.jpg
coffee machine.jpg (111.08 KiB) Viewed 2644 times

Pavoni Jolly Grinder
– an excellent burr grinder, very easy to adjust.
it seems these are still €370 new! Again, €150
grinder.jpg (52.26 KiB) Viewed 2644 times
A knockbox and tamper rest mat.
A tenner?
knock box.jpg
knock box.jpg (18.66 KiB) Viewed 2644 times
Vinyl -anything else is data storage.

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Re: coffee setup for sale

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SMEG looks nice. I've grown to despise the nasty Braun yoke I bought for the UFO shaped tablet things. Coffee makes you feel ropey too.
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