Aperion super tweeter tweak

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Aperion super tweeter tweak

Post by hudo »

Had to test file upload, so why not sharing some new tweaks i recently did:)

I always liked the sound of Q Acoustics Concept 500, but with smooth sounding Primaluna amp only "complain" i had was with a bit too much of smoothness and lack of air at the top. Details are there, but since I came from Focals, I had to tame the highs there, and now I have to go the opposite direction:) The room is treated with low RT60, so speakers with wide dispersion and lots of off-axis energy that likes to bounce it to sound linear and extended, can sound a bit rolled off in that kind of treated room.

Didn't want to change the speakers, and after watching Thomas&Stereo review of those super tweeters (https://www.aperionaudio.com/products/dst-super-tweeter), decided to give them it a try. Despite being purist in this sense - no DSP or EQ, no subs, no artificial anything, I currently have HqPlayer for upsampling, one sub, and now one extra pair of tweeters! Sacrilege, I know. But think i like it.

Simply put, super tweeters are almost invisible, which is great. Like well blended sub, you don't hear the sound coming from them, but only the effects they have on the rest of the frequency spectrum - vocals sound more live, a bit more air (expected much more actually, but still adjusting crossover), some details appeared, soundstage bit more wide. Have to say its hard to go back, think its a good match for QA/Primaluna.
Still tuning the crossover and attenuation (now at 12khz, -4db), that will probably take some time. Will do some measurements with Umik and REW and post the graph here.
Anyways, just wanted to share this small experiment, and if somebody has also some experience with super tweeters, would love to hear it!

Screenshot 2024-01-17 113553 (Small).png
Screenshot 2024-01-17 113553 (Small).png (620.93 KiB) Viewed 4391 times
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Re: Aperion super tweeter tweak

Post by Fran »

I've never had supertweeters - but those speakers look lovely Hudo!
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